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I have great pleasure in delivering the messages about the All India Herbal Farmers, Traders, Exporters and Research Society (AHFTER) which beckons a great future and fortune for the Herbal Cultivators, Herbal Entrepreneurs, Herbal Drug Manufacturers & Dealers and Exporters of our Indian Society.

The AHFTER is a premier and a prominent society engaged in the activities of harnessing the golden green-mine of plants and its industrial innovations.

AHFTER has a mandate to co-ordinate, promote and sustain cultivation, conservation processing, manufacturing, exporting and marketing of Medicinal plants in its raw form and in the value-added finished medicinal, cosmetic and food supplements.

The purview of AHFTER is throughout India and has blessed with around 10,000 members who are actively engaged in the citied Medicinal Plant field.

With a focus to obtain the Technical Consultation, Quality Control and standardization services, AHFTER has collaborative tie-ups with the Department of Biological Sciences Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, the Agricultural University and Research Centre Coimbatore, Dalmia Research Centre, Coimbatore, Taramani Institute, SPIC Chennai, Chemicals, Chennai, Nandini Consultancy Services, Chennai, TANSITIA-FNF, Chennai a Department of Entrepreneurship Development, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.

AHFTER is offering ENTREPRENEUR Development Educational and Training Programme in the field of Herbal Medicine, Herbal food and Herbal Cosmetic under the control of the Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai and the Small Industries Service Institute, Chennai and Ministry of SSI and Agro & Rural Industry, Government of India.

In pursuance of this programme, the Prospective Entrepreneurs from Rural and Urban Areas are identified and encouraged to commence the Herbal industrial Units of their own capacity and thereby augmenting the national turn-over in the category of Medicinal Plant AHFTER is making concerted efforts in rural and urban areas of India to create awareness on Herbal Cultivation and Industrialization and by adopting villages, it is implementing “Village Herbal Industry Scheme”, “Village Herbal Health Scheme” “Village Herbal Garden Scheme”, to make the rural artisans and down-trodden village women-folk to avail the locally available potential sources of Herbal as Medicine for Health also as means of Subsistence even during the time of drought and dry season.

The Chief Promoter and the Chairman of the Society is Dr. A. Ameerjahan, a Research Scientist in Herbal Aphrodiasics and a Renowed Allopathic Medical Practitioner in Sterility, Sexology, a Resource Person of the Department of Biological Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai and a Consultant and a member in the Expert Committee to explore the potential avenues of the export of Medicinal Plants in its Food, Cosmetic and Medicinal Formulation and popularizing the utilization of locally available or cultivated or collected rural side, forest side herbals in the domestic herbal industrial units and thereby creating herbal industrial revolutions in our motherland and hence, he has been a Spcial Invitee for the forums and interactions organized by the premier institutions of national level Such as APEDA, EXIM etc., to explore the possible avenues in the export opportunities and the industrialization.

Dr. A. Ameerjahan is also the Chariman of the Advisory Committee of thhe Tamilnadu State Medicine Plants Industrial Co-operative Society under the aegis of Govt. of Tamilnadu, India and he is offering exemplanary services to the society since the day and its inception.


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