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Objective and demands for conducting Herbal Seminars by AHFTER

Objective & Demand for the seminars on “Cultivation, Quality control & Standardization, Industrialization & Export of Medicinal Plants”

  • To bring awareness among the farmers about the importance and export potential of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • To help the farming community in getting more income on cultivation of medicinal & aromatic crops as an alternative to traditional crops as far as possible and desirable.
  • To preserve and protect the medicinal plants species which are already endangered.
  • To encourage organic cultivation and educate farmers on the disadvantage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • To improve and develop the research facilities to get better quality product.
  • To develop international understanding, exchange of knowledge in the field of production & marketing.
  • To channelise national & international herbal marketing and develop linkages.
  • To establish seed & gene banks and tissue culture.
  • To improve processing & value addition technologies.
  • To enhance export marketing to get more foreign exchange.
  • Vital steps for tapping global & domestic medicinal plants market
  • Transparency should be maintained in fixing the prices for the medicinal plants a medicinal plants based products.
  • Up-date information should be provided to the herbal cultivators on demand.
  • Market stability, market information and knowledge of plants should be provided.
  • Regular processing channels & knowledge system of procurement or cultivation should be offered.
  • Enough guidance should be given on the following for identification:

.............A . Raw drug plant materials
.............b. Form germ-plasma banks
.............c. Develop agro technologies
.............d. Transfer of technology for value added products to boost the export
.............e. Genetic diversity.
.............f. Protection of property rights of the traditional medicine system.

  • Supply of quality seeds & seeding, biological manures and pesticides.
  • Supply of Agro-technology package & Cultivation economics.
  • Conservation & preservation of forests which are the main source of medicinal plants.
  • Processing & cold-storage facilities should be provided.
  • Crop Insurance Scheme should be implemented.
  • Seed & gene banks and tissue culture centers should be established.
  • Medicinal Plants which play vital role in international market should be identified and intimated to the farmers.
  • Herbal Farms should be developed in many places for obtaining Seeds & Seedlings manufactured in our country and the list of such manufactures should be readily available.
  • Research & Development laboratories and Quality control & Standardization Centers should be established in many places.

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